The second heart was donated in West Azerbaijan

The second heart was donated in West Azerbaijan

Mahabad / Balviz / The second donated heart and the seventh organ donation in 1399 in West Azerbaijan province was named after an 11-year-old child in Urmia

According to the social service, Balviz News Agency, the donated members of “Nazanin Shabani”, an 11-year-old child from Urmia, revived 4 people

The heart, kidneys and liver of the late Nazanin Shabani, 11, from Urmia, who died of a brain tumor, was saved by the family with the consent of her family

The kidneys were transplanted in two people in Imam Khomeini Hospital in Urmia and the heart was sent to Tehran and the liver to Tabriz. It is worth mentioning that this is the seventh organ donation and the second heart donation in West Azerbaijan in 1399

According to the Balviz news site, the transfer of organs from one person to another to save his life or improve his quality of life is called organ donation

Organ donation can be done from living people (in the case of a kidney or donated part of an adult liver or lung to their children) or from people with brain death or from people who die of heart disease in special circumstances and with special equipment and arrangements

Donated organs: heart, lungs, liver, intestines, pancreas and kidneys. In addition to these organs, some tissues of the body can also be transplanted

Each person with brain death can save 1 to 8 lives from certain death by donating their vital organs and save 1 to 53 people from disability by donating their tissue. Mahabad / Balviz News Agency / 99/08 / 10-21: 07 / Sh

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The second heart was donated in West Azerbaijan 1

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