The head of Mahabad Industry, Mining and Trade Organization

The license of 17 inactive mines in Mahabad was revoked

Mahabad is located in the south of West Azerbaijan

Mahabad/Balviz/Economic/The head of Mahabad Industry, Mining and Trade Organization said: This year, the licenses of 17 inactive mining units in the city have been revoked due to non-operation and assignment

According to the Balviz news site, Hamed Ramezani said: With the identification of inactive mines, previous warnings were issued in order to operate or to announce the end of work and return to normal

He added: The members of the Mining Council agreed with the request to disqualify these mines and it was decided that these mines should be handed over to qualified people through holding an auction

The head of Mahabad Industry,Mining and Trade Organization stated:Currently, 37 units are active and 24 units are inactive out of a total of 78 mines in the city

Ramezani continued: Currently, more than 15 minerals are extracted from the mines of Mahabad, which ranks first among the cities of West Azerbaijan province in terms of diversity

Also, referring to the participation of the miners of this city in public works, especially in the field of rural road construction, said: Today, the mines and minerals in Mahabad have become the main factor in the economic development of the city

According to him, attracting investors in the processing sector can provide the basis for economic development, wealth creation, job creation and increased added value

West Azerbaijan is one of the rich provinces of the country in terms of the presence of minerals and having 469 active mines, and currently, out of 68 types of minerals identified in the country, 51 types are in the exploration and exploitation stage in West Azerbaijan, which includes all kinds of ornamental stones, gold, titanium , barite, silica and mineral pumice

Mahabad is located in the south of West Azerbaijan

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