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Laleh Shahrokh a self-taught artist

The selection of the painting was based on her interest in this art

Mahabad/Balviz/Cultural/ Laleh Shahrokh is a self-taught artist and one of the creative painters of Mahabad

According to Balviz news site, Laleh Shahrokh is a Mahabadian self-taught artist, whose art springs from her childhood

Her emotional and mental connection with her artwork goes back to her childhood days

Laleh says: She made all the paintings in her room

The selection of the painting was based on her interest in this art

In 2006, she participated in a short painting course

She participated in pre-university art classes in 2008-2009

After that, she started to create artworks using her inner feelings and spirit

In 2011, at the age of 30-31, she started painting professionally

She created many artworks using oil paint

The results of this artist’s effort are two individual painting exhibitions

One was in 2016 in Sheikh Shaltut Library of Mahabad and the other one was in 2017 in Vahdat Hall of Mahabad

She says that she did not follow a particular style in creating her works

She says that what she has in mind is shown with symbols in the paintings

But her works can be considered more surrealist

Laleh believes that painting is for creating art

She believes that she doesn’t paint for beauty, but to show the ugliness underneath

Instead of creating imitative or repetitive works, she wants to be herself in her paintings

She plans to continue her artistic activities ,also hold exhibitions in the future

Laleh Shahrokh, who is also known by the stage name Kharman

Laleh Shahrokh was born in Mahabad, one of the cities of West Azerbaijan in Iran

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Laleh Shahrokh a self-taught artist

Laleh Shahrokh a self-taught artist